Do you tutor children?

While we recognize the benefit of those centers that offer tutoring for children who need extra help in various content areas, we do not offer tutorial services. We are an ENRICHMENT program. Our goal is to provide fun, engaging, and interactive activities, camps, and classes within the areas of STEM. Students come to us to build on their interests in those areas. 

Does the flight simulator move?

Our flight simulator is a non-moving student simulator that was built for educational purposes. Most students who wish to learn more about flying will complete our Aeronautics and Aviation Camp/Classes. Others will elect to move through our 8 levels of flight instruction, beginning with Ground School and ending with Top Gun. As part of this experience they will spend time in the simulator applying what they have learned while being guided by a real airline pilot.

Will my child become a licensed pilot?

Not here at The STEM Hangar, LLC. However, with the anticipated pilot shortage, this is just one of the amazing STEM careers we want to introduce to them.  In fact, at the age of 16 your child could take flying lessons at an airport and become a licensed pilot. Our long term goal is to purchase an FAA certified simulator and be available for our former students who do acquire their private pilots license. Our hope is for them to return to us as part of their effort to "build" hours toward the total needed for application with an airline. #goals 

Should I drop my child off? or do I need to stay?

That is completely up to the parent/caregiver. In an effort to make use of every bit if our space for the the children we do have limited seating in our reception area (8).  During one hour classes you may want to stay, or wait in your car.  Additionally, if your child is enrolled in a longer class, we are very close to downtown Woodstock where there is a coffee shop, restaurants, shops, and more.  

Please know that you are always welcome to come in and take a peek at your child during their experience. We purposefully do not close any doors on the rooms so that we can always see and hear the fun!!  Just be sure to check in at the front desk to pick up a visitor pass so that we know who is in the building. However, due to liability, we cannot permit siblings under the age of 5 in the instruction portion (back half) of our facility. 

Do you offer field trips?

Sure!! We would love to have your children (homeschool, private school, or public school) come visit us at The STEM Hangar for a field trip.  Our field trips are customized to your needs and grade level standards. We are limited in the total building capacity. Please call for more details, or email your request to

Most field trips are scheduled on the on Fridays .

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