Our STEM Zones

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality-Grades 6-12. Join the fun in one of our 6 virtual reality stations to tour far away places, experience science in a 3D environment, or play VR games requiring higher level thinking and cooperative learning.  We will be opening VR game sessions for middle/high school aged students soon!

Robotics Lab

At The STEM Hangar we are excited to offer robotics camps and classes using the VEX®IQ platform. Our students work with our resident robotics experts to build robots and program them for competition in one of our very own in house competition arenas. For those students who wish to be challenged on a higher level, they may want to join our advanced competition team. Check out VEX IQ "Next Level" the 2018-2019 VEX IQ compettion:


Engineering/Makerspace Computer Science Lab

Our makerspace provides an area for future engineers to design, invent, and build. Students focus on programming, science, engineering and just plain creative fun! We empower children to design and construct working machines, some of which use motion, sound, and light.  Within our computer science lab students learn to write code and program their inventions. 

Coming in the Spring 2019:

  • Classes in web development (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
  • 3D Printing Classes 
  • Design your own VR world and test it in our VR system.

Flight School: "Earn Your Wings"

Taught by current airline pilots/former fighter pilots, our "Earn Your Wings" program is amazing! Through the use of a STEMPilot™ pilot-focused flight simulator, students learn:

  • anatomy of the airplane
  • six degrees of freedom
  • flight control positions
  • rudder pedals and brakes
  • taxi operations
  • take-offs/landings
  • traffic patterns
  • stalls and stall recovery

And More!!!

The Art Studio

Opening in January 2019! The Art Studio is our newest STEM zone. Courses will include studio drawing and painting, as well as, computer-based graphic design classes. 

Science Lab

STEM kids will love the experiences in our science lab. Using a hands-on approach we investigate and explore through the process of the scientific method.  Each week is a different exploration and includes exciting investigations into forensics, rocks and minerals, basic chemistry, light, sound, energy, microscopes, and more!